EVO 2018, the colossal fighting game tournament being held within Las Vegas, Nevada will soon be upon us. Players from around the world will test their mettle in competitive matches from a variety of games come August 3rd through the 5th. For those attending the event, there will be playable demos out on display whilst the tournament action ensues.

Kill La Kill game.

Arc Systems’ Kill La Kill arena-styled fighter featuring Satsuki Kyruuin and Ryuko Matoi.

Kill La Kill the Game: IF developed by Aplus Co., Ltd. and published by Arc Systems Works will be making a playable appearance at EVO 2018. We’ve seen relatively little gameplay aside from screenshots and the quick snippet the official trailer gave us. So hopefully, players will get the opportunity to delve into the game and thread some information together for us.

Punch Planet

Punch Planet, a 2D indie fighter being developed by Sector-K will be demoed at EVO 2018.

I certainly hope you’re all prepped and ready for some galactic level beatings because Punch Planet is returning to EVO this year. Sektor-K, a dedicated team of three will be bestowing us with a new build of their game featuring some newer faces. Their demo this time around will feature Agent-G and Maxx; as well as the pre-existing cast members such as the Amazon Princess, Tyara (announced last year at EVO 2017). 

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Nintendo’s cross-over game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be playable at EVO 2018. 

If you managed to miss past events that showcased Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (like myself), don’t fret, you’ll get another chance come EVO time. The early demo will let you finally get some hands-on time with this glorious amalgamation of beloved franchises. Just head to the Nintendo Booth Friday, August 3rd and Saturday, August 4th for this one and you’ll be all set for a smashing good time. 

Dead or Alive 6 is playable at the "Dead or Alive Showdown 2018" fan event.

DOA 6 will be strutting its stuff this EVO with the newly implemented Break Gauge System.

Team Ninja’s Dead or Alive 6 is coming to EVO in a playable form via their ”Dead or Alive EVO Showdown 2018” fan event. This side event will take place August 3rd-4th. And you may be able to snag a DOA 6 t-shirt or possibly an original DOA 6 tote bag while you’re there. 

Soul Calibur 6 is playable via a side tournament.

Soul Calibur 6 will be present as a side tournament during EVO 2018.

Folks, do your souls still burn? If you’ve got a hankering for some Soul Calibur 6 then check out the side tourney being held for it. For the time being, further details regarding this tournament are yet to be announced, but it’s happening nonetheless. Tournament registration begins July 19th at 9:00 a.m. (PT). 

That about wraps up all the fighters yet to be released which will be present and playable in some form. EVO 2018 has quite the impressive line-up of games waiting in store for us. 

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