‘Orange is the New Black’ Season 6 Takes the Show to the Max (Literally)

When we last left the ladies of Orange is the New Black, the riots were over and people were being carted off to the local maximum security facility. Well know they’re coming back and it looks like, yet again, the story is going to take another dark turn.

In this first trailer for Orange is the New Black, we see Piper, Taystee, Red, Nikki, and more heading into Litchfield Max, where they are being held after the destruction and disarray of their old prison. On top of new inmates to worry about, they are being interrogated about what happened during the riot and who was in charge, likely meaning someone is going to have a serious amount of years added to their sentence.

One of the things pointed out early in the trailer is that Alex, Piper’s on-again-off-again girlfriend is nowhere to be found within. Alex has made deals with the feds before, so could this be yet another betrayal? There’s also some sort of conflict between those in blue and tan uniforms. though it’s not immediately clear what it is nor why it has escalated to violence.

Along with the new season, there will be a new visuals for the show’s opening titles, which will reflect the show’s new setting. It will be weird not to see the familiar walls of the old prison, but there’s a lot of possibilities with this new prison, especially since it looks like some of the inmates are getting their own cells.

The most surprising is when the show it coming out — given that this is the first trailer we’re getting, the show is coming out in less than a month. Could this be a sign that Netflix has less and less confidence in the show, or just that Netflix has so much content coming out, it doesn’t feel the need to make announcement long in advanced? Either way, it’s exciting that we won’t have to wait long for

Orange is the New Black Season 6 is set to premiere on Netflix on July 27, 2018.

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