Back in 2016, Capcom announced a brand-new Mega Man cartoon would be coming to U.S. television. That cartoon turned out to be Mega Man: Fully Charged. Today, it was announced that the cartoon will premiere at next week’s San Diego Comic-con convention. The television series itself is slated to air this fall.

Capcom released a statement about the cartoon’s premiere:

“Kazuhiro Tsuchiya (CAPCOM, video game producer, Mega Man, Asura’s Wrath), Man of Action (creators of Ben 10 and the team and characters of Big Hero 6), and Logan McPherson (DHX Studios, VP, creative and animated production, Slugterra, The Deep, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2D series)) give a behind-the-scenes peek into the production of this new animated show, aimed at kids 5 to 11.

Celebrating the 30-year legacy of this iconic, game-based character, the panelists will discuss the background and creative evolution of the new series, followed by screening of never-before-seen footage from the show, coming soon to Cartoon Network.”

The panel is scheduled to take place in Room 25ABC from 6-7 pm.

Source: Protodude’s Rockman Corner

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