NALCS: 2018 Summer Split Week 5 Day 2

North American League of Legends Week 5 Day 2

Game 1

The first game of League of Legends pitched Optic Gaming against Cloud 9. Cloud 9 look to continue off the success of yesterday with another dominant performance. They will continue to use ‘Blaber’ in the jungle. The champion select went as follows:

OPT vs C9

Top: Dr. Mundo vs Kled

Jungle: Zac vs Sejuani

Mid: Talon vs Zoe

Bot: Varus vs Xayah

Support: Tahm Kench vs Rakan

OPT mid laner ‘PowerofEvil’ opted to take smite this game. However, their jungler also has smite meaning this wasn’t a gold funnel, but a shared jungle. First blood came from a 4 vs 4 fight in the bot lane that OPT got to quicker than C9. This resulted in two kills picked up by the OPT bot laner and one picked up by the mid laner. In the middle game, C9 would get a pick, but the lead was too much at this point. ‘PowerofEvil’ pulled off a beautiful flank that helped ace C9 resulting in Baron for OPT. A repeat fight of C9 starting a fight good, but getting decimated ultimately would be enough for OPT to take the win. The highlights can be found below:

Game 2

The second game of the day pitched FlyQuest against 100 Thieves. Both teams are near the top of the standings and need this win for separation. The champion select went as follows:

FLY vs 100T

Top: Gangplank vs Dr. Mundo

Jungle: Trundle vs Kindred

Mid: Orianna vs Ryze

Bot: Varus vs Lucian

Support: Braum vs Alistar

First blood came in for 100T with some questionable backing position from FLY top laner ‘Flame’. Although the gank was ready, 100T top laner ‘Ssumday’ picked up the solo kill. The game was dominated by 100 Thieves with only one minor misplay with Baron. Despite having perfect dragon control and being really far ahead, 100T opted to take a base race in which they ended up losing by half seconds. The highlights can be found below:

Game 3

The third game of the day pitched Team Liquid against Counter Logic Gaming. With teams like Golden Guardians and FlyQuest improving, Counter Logic Gaming doesn’t get the praise they deserve. The champion select went as follows:


Top: Gangplank vs Dr. Mundo

Jungle: Nocturne vs Sejuani

Mid: Lulu vs Kled

Bot: Kai’sa vs Vladimir

Support: Braum vs Pyke

A crazy draft for CLG as they decided to go with a gold funneling strategy in the mid lane with jungle, but instead of funneling into a marksman or a Master Yi, CLG decided to funnel into the Kled. This backfired immensely as CLG ended up giving first blood at 8 minutes off a tier 2 tower dive. Kills were traded, Dragons were traded, the game was very even before TL finally broke ahead with a winning team fight. This was all they needed as they ended they game after. The highlights can be found below:

Game 4

The fourth game of the day pitched Clutch Gaming against Team Solo Mid. Team Solo Mid and Clutch Gaming are both in the middle of the standings as neither team has managed to make a huge impact this split. The champion select went as follows:


Top: Rumble vs Gragas

Jungle: Kindred vs Trundle

Mid: Orianna vs Talon

Bot: Jhin vs Swain

Support: Tahm Kench vs Morgana

TSM elected for the smite mid lane Talon like we saw earlier in the day as this pick is gaining more and more popular. First blood came in the mid lane when a massive team fight broke out around 15 minutes. TSM picked up first blood in the 5 vs 5, but invested a lot of resources. TSM dominated the game from then on out having perfect dragon control. Despite the dominance it still took them 35 minutes to end the game. The highlights can be found below:

Game 5

The final game of League of Legends pitched Golden Guardians against Echo Fox. Taking down a top team like Echo Fox would give Golden Guardians a huge morale boost going into the final half of the split. The champion select is as follows:


Top: Dr. Mundo vs Gangplank

Jungle: Nocturne vs Graves

Mid: Orianna vs Ryze

Bot: Swain vs Lucian

Support: Morgana vs Nami

First blood came during a gank to the mid lane for FOX. The kill credited to FOX jungler ‘Dardoch’. GGS would lead the game in kills and dragons, but a sneaky baron brought FOX back in the game. FOX only had to win one fight at the end of the game to close it out and take the win. The highlights can be fond below:


T1 – Echo Fox

 – FlyQuest

 – Team Liquid

 – 100 Thieves

T5 – Counter Logic Gaming

 – Team Solo Mid

 – Golden Guardians

T8 – Optic Gaming

 – Clutch Gaming

10 – Cloud 9


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