NALCS: 2018 Summer Split Week 4 Day 2

North American League of Legends Week 4 Day 2 

Game 1

The first game of League of Legends pitched Golden Guardians against 100 Thieves. Golden Guardians look to get a 2 – 0 week against the top teams, but 100 Thieves wont let that happen easily. The champion select went as follows:

GGS vs 100T

Top: Gangplank vs Dr. Mundo


Jungle: Xin Zhao vs Trundle

Mid: Zoe vs Yasuo

Bot: Heimerdinger vs Varus

Support: Fiddlesticks vs Thresh


First blood came in early  for GGS off a level one invade into the jungle. The kill credited to GGS mid laner ‘Mickey’ on a final tick of ignite. ‘Mickey’ and ‘Contractz’ would continue making plays around the map growing the lead more and more. The resulted in a slaughter with perfect dragon control for GGs. The game finished 23 – 6 in kills giving GGS the 2 – 0 weekend they were looking for. The highlights can be found below:

Game 2

The second game of the day pitched FlyQuest against Team Liquid. Team Liquid looks to get back on track and return to the dominant performances they once showed. However, a few shaky performances and they could lose their spot at the top of the standings. The champion select went as follows:


Top: Dr. Mundo vs Darius

Jungle: Gragas vs Kindred


Mid: Zoe vs Yasuo

Bot: Varus vs Vladimir

Support: Braum vs Alistar

FLY picked up first blood in an easy gank to the top lane and the ball just kept rolling. Kill after kill rolled in scoring 10 unanswered kills before TL finally got one. However, this would be the only kill that TL got this game. FLY would pick up the baron and go up 18 – 1 in kills. The highlights can be found below:


Game 3

The third game of the day pitched Team Solo Mid against Echo Fox. Both teams in this match up have the same record and are looking to separate themselves from each other in a positive way. The champion select went as follows:


Top: Dr. Mundo vs Gangplank

Jungle: Trundle vs Graves

Mid: Swain vs Galio

Bot: Xayah vs Lucian

Support: Rakan vs Braum

Standard lanes for this game. A strong rotation from Echo Fox sending three people to gank the top lane lands them first blood. The kill credited FOX jungler ‘Dardoch’. A back and forth battle spanning across all lanes would partake, but not give either team an advantage. Throughout all the chaos FOX was able to keep the dragon advantage. Having triple cloud dragon would allow them to rotate the map faster than TSM. Using this advantage they were able to take Baron and win the game. The highlights can be found below:

Game 4

The fourth game of the day pitched Counter Logic Gaming against Cloud 9. Cloud 9 continuing with the same roster they used during week 4 day 1. After constant changes they found success in the previous day with their win. The champion select is as follows:

CLG vs C9


Top: Dr. Mundo vs Gnar

Jungle: Trundle vs Gragas

Mid: Orianna vs Syndra

Bot: Lucian vs Xayah

Support: Rakan vs Braum

Standard lanes again this game which is becoming more and more popular again. An early level 2 gank to the bot lane of of CLG picks them up first blood. CLG who looked very dominant in yesterdays game continued to perform getting 7 unanswered kills to start. With two Baron secures and an Elder Dragon that would finally be enough to take down C9 in an exciting game. The highlights can be found below:


Game 5

The final game of League of Legends pitched Optic Gaming against Clutch Gaming. Despite having a better record, Clutch Gaming is on a downward spiral in their play while Optic is on the rise. The champion select is as follows:


Top: Gnar vs Dr. Mundo

Jungle:Nocturne vs Trundle

Mid: Orianna vs Azir

Bot: Jhin vs Xayah


Support: Tahm Kench vs Rakan

A double smite composition for Optic as they decide to split part of the jungle camps with OPT mid laner ‘PowerofEvil’. First blood came in the top lane for Optic. Kill credited to Cg top laner ‘Solo’. A low scoring game for the first 30 minutes. OPT would pick up Baron, but lose a fight doing so. On OPT second Baron, they were unsuccessful in taking down CG. CG battle back and picked up the third Baron of the game. The game lasted 50 minutes before CG won in a base race. The highlights can be found below:


T1 – Counter Logic Gaming

 – Echo Fox


 – Team Liquid

 – 100 Thieves

T5 – FlyQuest

 – Team Solo Mid

 – Golen Guardians

 – Clutch Gaming

 T9 – Cloud 9


 – Optic Gaming


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