NALCS: 2018 Summer Split Week 3 Day 1

North American League of Legends Week 3 Day 1

Game 1

The first game of League of Legends pitched Cloud 9 against Team Solo Mid. Cloud 9 has two of their three spring starters returning this week. Mid laner ‘Jensen’ and support ‘Smoothie’ would return to the starting line up. The champion select went as follows:

C9 vs TSM

Top: Renekton vs Aatrox

Jungle: Trundle vs Sejuani

Mid: Irelia vs Darius

Bot: Brand vs Varus

Support: Morgana vs Tahm Kench

With the return of ‘Jensen’ to the mid lane this would push ‘Goldenglue’ into the bot lane. Cloud 9 would pick up first blood diving the bot lane of TSM, but forced a too hard giving up two return kills. Later in the game, C9 would slay Baron Nashor, but it would not be enough to crack open the base of TSM. A poorly executed fight from C9 allowed TSM to get back into the game and steal the second Baron Nashor from C9. This would be enough for TSM to win the final fight and take down C9’s nexus. The highlights can be found below:

Game 2

The second game pitched Team Liquid against Echo Fox. ‘Huni’ would return to his original top lane, but that wouldn’t stop Echo Fox from trying new strategies. The champion select went as follows:

TL vs Fox

Top: Singed vs Rumble

Jungle: Sejuani vs Alistar

Mid: Irelia vs Yasuo

Bot: Xayah vs Kai’sa

Support: Rakan vs Nautilus

The strategy for FOX this week is swapping jungler ‘Dardoch’ into the mid lane, mid lane ‘Fenix’ into the bot lane, and bot lane ‘Altec’ into the jungle. This is the three way trade we have seen before, but we are yet to see it without ‘Huni’ being involved. TL would pick up first blood in a gank to the top lane. This kill credited to ‘Impact’. Kill after kill would go the way for TL picking up 27 kill in total and ending the game with a 20 kill lead over FOX. The highlights of this slaughter can be found below:

Game 3

Following one of the most, if not the most, dominant games of the split is game three. This pitched 100 Thieves against Clutch Gaming. With rift rivals around the corner, 100 Thieves are looking for a strong weekend to project them into the international competition. The champion select went as follows:

100T vs CG

Top: Jax vs Aatrox

Jungle: Tahm Kench vs Sejuani

Mid: Morgana vs Lulu

Bot: Xayah vs Ezreal

Support: Rakan vs Zyra

A throwback swap came out of 100T this game. 100T would have their support play mid, mid play bot, bot play jungle, and jungle play support. Essentially this makes for three supports as mid would just be holding gold for the jungling bot laner. Quite confusing, but a strategy that was in use in early seasons of League of Legends. This strategy worked out for 100T as they would get first blood in the mid lane, but would give up a trade kill shortly after. 100T came out ahead in the early game despite having their first Baron attempt stolen from them. On the second attempt they would pick up Baron. CG would attempt a desperate backdoor attempt which fell just short. Their death timers would allow 100T to regroup, win a fight, and end the game. The highlights of a very eventful game can be found below:

Game 4

The fourth game of the day pitched FlyQuest against Golden Guardians. Both teams want more wins to continue working their way through the middle of the standings. FlyQuest will be substituting in ‘JayJ’ at the support position. The champion select went as follows:


Top: Aatrox vs Malphite

Jungle: Sejuani vs Braum

Mid: Galio vs Vladimir

Bot: Lucian vs Kai’sa

Support: Fiddlesticks vs Shen

First blood came in for Golden Guardians after a strategic level two all in from the bot lane. FLY steam rolled through this game, not needing much objective help. This game would go in the favour of FLY. The highlights can be found below:

Game 5

The final game of the day pitched Optic Gaming against Counter Logic Gaming. Optic Gaming is continuing to start ‘Allorim’ in the top lane. The champion select went as follows:


Top: Ornn vs Dr. Mundo

Jungle: Braum vs Olaf

Mid: Tristana vs Lissandra

Bot: Ezreal vs Lucian

Support: Morgana vs Alistar

CLG would pick up first blood with a dive in the top lane. Counter Logic Gaming put up an impressive performance giving up a few amount of kills. They would go on to win a baron fight and end the game in just over 30 minutes. The highlights can be found below:


1 – Team Liquid

T2 – 100 Thieves

 – Counter Logic Gaming

 – Echo Fox

 – Team Solo Mid

T6 – Clutch Gaming

 – FlyQuest

 – Golden Guardians

 – Optic Gaming

10 – Cloud 9


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