Ever since the announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate, gamers have been wondering who’s in, who’s out, and what other surprises Nintendo has in store for us. Creator Masahiro Sakurai noted that because of the “Everyone Is Here!” initiative, there won’t be as many new playable characters in the game. And via a post on the Smash Bros blog, one big hopeful for the new game has been shot down.

For on the blog on Sunday, it was revealed that Knuckles The Echinda would be an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. His abilities are thus:

Knuckles attacks nearby fighters with his fist. He can also dig into the ground and then attack with an uppercut, so be careful!

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Though it’s nice to see Knuckles in a more active role in Smash Bros, there will be many who wish he was one of the new playable characters. Oh well. The game releases on December 7th.

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