It looks like Jim Carrey may be the Robotnik to James Marsden’s Sonic. According to Variety, the star of such films as Ace Ventura and Bruce Almighty may appear in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film. 

Directed by Jeff Fowler, the film will be the first feature length adaption for SEGA’s video game series. James Marsden has already been confirmed. Whether or not he’ll play the blue hedgehog himself is unclear, but we’re hoping he gets to. 

While Jim Carrey is yet to be confirmed, his potential role is not a mystery. Dr. Robotnick, also known as Eggman, is the rotund archenemy to series protagonist Sonic. Carrey seems a bit slim for the role, so he may have to put on a few pounds. Or more likely, CGI or prosthesis will do the trick. The film will reportedly blend live action with CGI elements. Carrey is no stranger to wearing outlandish getups, as he’s shown many a time in such films as The Grinch and A Series of Unfortunate Events. 

Since the film has yet to finish its casting process, there’s no word yet on when Sonic the Hedgehog will rush into theaters. 

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