From one sharpshooter to the next, MCU star Jeremy Renner will trade in his bow and arrow to play a brainy detective, with some serious marksman skills, in Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot.

Earlier this week, an exclusive with Deadline announced that Jeremy Renner will join the cast of the upcoming Spawn Reboot. The MCU actor will join Jamie Foxx, alongside Todd McFarlane, creator of the Spawn franchise, who will be helming directing duties for the picture. We’ve mentioned earlier that Foxx was cast to play Al Simmons, an ex-black-ops member who is betrayed and murdered by his cohorts, only to be resurrected as a Hellspawn, a servant of hell’s army.     

Renner is set to play “Twitch” Williams, a highly intelligent, yet scrawny, detective who aids his partner, Sam Burke, in solving crimes. Sam and Twitch are recurring characters in the comics who were initially at odds with the series main character, Al Simmons, due to his brutal vigilantism and distrust of police, but eventually became allies in later issues.

Jason Blum, founder and CEO of Blumhouse productions, believes that Renner will fit perfectly in the role:

“Jeremy is the ideal choice for Twitch Williams. He radiates honesty, intelligence and a hard-working, everyman charisma, the same qualities that make Twitch such a compelling character.”

While the film now has two major stars attached to it, the next challenge for the picture will be financing. McFarlane told Deadline that the next big step for the movie will be to find a distributor that will help finance the movie. Currently, they’re aiming for a small budget, especially for a superhero film, of $10 million – $12 million, along with an R-rating.

Finding a distributor that will help finance the picture shouldn’t be too difficult. Mature films such as Logan and the Deadpool franchise have shown that comic book films can be successful with an R-rating attached. Plus, Spawn is a massive comic book series that dates back to the early 90s, which means there’s plenty of material for a film franchise.      

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