Locke & Key, the horror comic from the minds of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez is being brought to a whole new medium thanks to Netflix, who has ordered a ten episode season of the adaptation.

What’s interesting about this addition by Netflix is that Locke & Key was initially passed up by Hulu earlier in the year. Clearly Netflix has a vision for the show they’d like to see through, but it helps that they’ve been known for brazenly adding shows to their vast roster like they’re a dime a dozen.

The horror story tells the tale of three siblings who take up residence in an old family house preceding the ghastly death of their father. Within the depths of the house they discover keys imbued with powerful magic capable of granting the kids a host of phenomenal powers. However, yet another wrench is thrown into their lives when a power hungry demon comes after the keys at any cost. Locke & Key’s intriguing plot and excellent writing has made it a longtime fan favorite, and a standout among other comics in the genre.

Although Netflix is recasting and revamping the show entirely, original series developer Carlton Cuse is still on board as the showrunner alongside Meredith Averill. In addition to Cuse and Averill, Aron Eli Coleite will also receive executive producer credits for the show. Coleite and Joe Hill himself co-wrote the first episode, and one can imagine their involvement in the writing going forward will be avid.

Fans of the comic have been teased with a television adaptation for several years now, as Fox ordered a pilot back in 2010 but didn’t end up picking it up. Locke & Key has finally found its home on Netflix though, quelling fears that the show would never see the light of day.

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