FUNimation held their panel at Anime Expo where they announced several new licenses as well as their upcoming home releases!

First, FUNimation announced the acquisition of SSSS.Gridman for streaming. The anime will premiere on the FUNimationNow streaming service this fall but an exact date wasn’t mentioned. It should be noted that SSSS.Gridman is also set to debut in Japan this fall so this could be an indication of a simuldub or simulcast. If it does end up as a Simuldub, expect only the first eight or so episodes to air at the same time as has been the pattern with FUNimation and their simuldub series.

Speaking of series that were simuldubbed, FUNimation also announced that the second part of Tokyo Ghoul:re would also be streaming this October but didn’t say whether or not if Tokyo Ghoul:re would get a simuldub.

The next license that they announced was the anime Zillion (Akai Koudan Zillion). This anime is rather dated as it aired 31 years ago in 1987. FUNimation is planning to release the complete 31-episode series this October.

FUNimation then detailed a myriad of their upcoming releases. The series detailed are as follows:

  • High Speed! -Free! Starting Days 
  • Free! – Take Your Marks 
  • Free! -Timeless Medley- Kizuna 
  • Free! -Timeless Medley- Yakusoku 
  • Witch Hunter Robin
  • Pop Team Epic
  • Dragon Ball Super Part 5

All of the home media releases are slated for October with Witch Hunter Robin being the only title to have a concrete release date of October 23. FUNimation is also planning on releasing a box set of anime movies which include The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, Wolf Children, and The Boy and The Beast. The release date of the box set is currently unknown. The Free! movies are also slated to be released both individually and as a box set as well.

Needless to say, October is going to be a busy month for anime/FUNimation fans.



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