The announcement of Super Smash Bros Ultimate at E3 2018 made many people happy, and Nintendo wasted little time in revealing that the game would also be getting Amiibo figures for new characters like the Inkling and Ridley. But, Nintendo later revealed that the “Everyone Is Here!” characters would also be getting Amiibo, and now, we have the first details on all of these Amiibo.

As revealed in a tweet, the first three of these Amiibo will arrive on December 7th, which is the day Super Smash Bros Ultimate launches on Nintendo Switch. The tweet also revealed the price for the Amiibo, $15.99. This is $3 more than the original Amiibo figures, and some are wondering why they cost so much. It could be because of the detail on these Amiibo, which are quite defined.

This tweet is also the first time we’ve gotten to see the Wolf Amiibo, and he looks particularly vicious, but we would expect nothing less from the leader of Star Wolf.

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