Far Cry 5 is about to get launched far from the fields of Hope County! Ubisoft dropped a trailer for the space-faring DLC, set to release next week.

The add-on, titled Lost on Mars, is a welcome departure from the game’s roots as Ubisoft clearly aims to expand their horizons. While not the series’ first foray into sci-fi thanks to the outrageously fun Far Cry: Blood Dragon, this DLC will certainly be a far cry (I’m so sorry) from where the most recent installment took place. The first expansion for the game Hours of Darkness took players all the way to southern Vietnam, so it’s obvious that despite Far Cry 5 being generally heralded as more of the same by critics, Ubisoft is still trying to shake things up.

But what exactly does this new DLC offer besides a change in setting? For starters, there’s a new arsenal of weaponry to add to your collection, which of course is always good news for Far Cry. The more guns the better right? Some of those new gadgets are the Obliteratorrrr, the Blaster of Disaster, the Grape Popper, and something called Hellfire. I genuinely can’t decide which sounds more fun to annihilate invaders with… Plus players will get the opportunity to traverse the red planet using space jets- No, not rocket ships. Space jets.

The plot behind the DLC puts fans in the pilot’s seat as the “King of the Skies” himself Nick Rye. The aerial ace is transported to Mars where an alien invasion of Earth is imminent, and he must be the man for the job. The looming threat of the arachnid foes forces Rye to team up with his good pal Hurk to help stop the creatures from taking over mankind’s home. Would you trust Nick Rye to save us all? Too bad, you don’t have a choice, and neither does he!

Lost on Mars will also add assets to the Arcade game mode, allowing players to add in Martian elements found in the expansion. This means you can alter existing maps or create brand new ones with new items thanks to the DLC, thus tacking on yet another dynamic element it brings to the base game.

The official release date for Lost on Mars is July 17th, so you can look forward to romping around the alien planet incredibly soon. Until then we have the brief trailer to tide us over, but at this point, all we can do is eagerly wait.

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