Capcom posted a blog announcing that Blast Man will be the newest robot master to join Block Man and Fuse Man in Mega Man 11! His reveal means that BlastMan.EXE from Mega Man Battle Network 6 is no longer a net navi without a robot master counterpart.

Capcom describes Blast Man as a robot master with a flair for theatrics and lots and lots of explosions. In fact, in the background of his level, there is a Blast Man Adventure sign indicating that you can expect to traverse a ruined theme park/movie studio hybrid filled with explosive traps as you make your way to his lair. Capcom even says that one of the series’ staple enemies, Sniper Joe, will be making an appearance in this stage. They even mention how you can use the speed gear to slow time to give you a bigger window to dispose of them before they use their shield to deflect your buster shots… or you can git gud and just take them out with button-mashing skill.

Blast Man is a bit of a narcissist isn’t he?

Sniper Joe returns!

The stage’s miniboss resembles that of a roller coaster ride gone wrong. Here, explosive minibots traverse the rails of a roller coaster ride occasionally falling out when the cars are upside down. They also present a tip that you cannot damage the rocket cars and need to get creative as you dodge the falling explosive bots.

So much for safety precautions

In addition to the reveal of Blast Man, Capcom unveiled two brand-new modes in Mega Man 11: Balloon Attack and Time Attack

In Balloon Attack mode, you need to go through the stages of Mega Man 11 all of the enemies are removed in favor of red and blue colored balloons that dot the landscape. While it sounds simple, Capcom notes that you are working against the clock so you have to try and speed run your way through. Blue Balloons need to be popped by either shooting them or simply running into them with your body. If you miss a blue balloon or pop a red balloon, it negatively affects your time. 

Time Attack mode is simply that… a time attack. Rush through the robot master stages as quickly as possible in order to get the fastest time. It doesn’t get anymore simple and straight-forward than that.

If you wish to read about the new features and Blast Man in more details, check out Capcom’s official blog post here:

Mega Man 11 releases on October 2 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.

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