Batman’s Hush Storyline Is Becoming An Animated Movie

DC is continuing to run with what’s been working for them lately, and has announced yet another animated movie. This time we’re getting Batman’s Hush story arc adapted to the small screen. For those invested in Batman’s ever menacing rogues gallery this is exciting news, as Hush’s storyline remains a fan favorite ever since it first debuted.

The villain’s methods are the best combination of utterly insane and deviously brilliant, making him the perfect candidate to bolster DC’s animated universe. Although details are sparse on the title, we do know for certain that Hush will be released as part of DC’s upcoming streaming service DC Universe. Paired with the promising comeback third season of Young Justice, this next Batman animated film could help bring the attention to the service DC is hoping for. And even as the Swamp Thing and Harley Quinn cartoons are mere titles at this point it’s safe to assume the quality of Hush will set the tone for the other two features.

Hush is a tale shrouded in mystery and deadly intrigue, all of which culminate in a properly challenging test for the world’s greatest detective. You won’t find any spoilers here I promise- just a huge fan of the story Hush has to tell, and one who believes it is one of the definitive Batman stories. Please get this one right DC.

Hush is slated for a 2019 release, but be sure to check back as updates on the show are revealed.