Backward compatibility is undoubtedly one of Microsoft’s strongest arguments in favor of the Xbox One, and they continue to bolster their already strong lineup monthly. This time around Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD have been brought aboard the current generation welcome wagon.

Tom Clancy’s label developed Warfighter as one of the Xbox 360’s first shooters. It debuted to critical acclaim and a thriving fan base back in 2006 and was a major launching point for the studio’s success going forward. The title holds a special place in my heart as well, as it was my first real co-op experience, and helped me fall in love with tactical shooters. The intense firefights, the range of gadgets at your disposal, and the diversity in the game’s armaments helped it stand out as an incredibly fun third-person action title.

backward compatibility

Liberation was originally an Assassin’s Creed game that hit the Vita upon its initial release. The HD was tacked onto the end of the title when Ubisoft ported the game to home consoles. The spinoff of the third game in the franchise featured the series’ first female protagonist Aveline de Grandpre. Paving the way for French assassins well before their glitchy heyday, de Grandpre romped around colonial Louisiana boasting updated audio and visuals in the HD version.

Both games can be downloaded and played on your Xbox One if you already own them digitally, just head over to your library and add them to your installation queue. Of course, you can also purchase either game from the digital marketplace, and if you happen to have an old physical copy of GRAW feel free to dust it off and pop it in your disk feed. 

That’s all the backward compatibility updates for now, but be sure to check back frequently for more updates as Microsoft expands and enhances their extensive library.

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