The illustrator of the popular animes Black Rock Shooter and Steins;Gate, Ryohei Fuke who is better known as ‘Huke’, has teased at the Good Smile Company x huke panel at Anime Expo on Sunday that a work of “black” is returning. At the panel, Good Smile Company President Takanori Aki stated that official announcements for the work can and will be made next Anime Expo in July of 2019.

Huke is best known for his works for the Black Rock Shooter franchise which now consists of Songs & Illustrations which originated from a Hatsune Miku Vocaloid creation back in December of 2007. Along with this, the franchise has a manga series, Video Game, and full blown tv Anime series. To see a new piece of work soon to be added to the franchise is huge news for fans. More information will be announced at next years Anime Expo.

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