Crunchyroll has announced that it has partnered with Rocket Jump to co-produce a second season of Anime Crimes Division, a popular web series!  The second season will contain six episodes and is currently in production. The story for the second season will primarily focus on a serial killer who is enacting famous deaths in anime.

Crunchyroll describes Anime Crimes Division as follows:

“In Neo Otaku City, there are two kinds of people. The kind of people that can recite the Sailor Moon theme song from memory in the original Japanese, and the kind that don’t belong there. When someone commits a crime against anime, they don’t call the police. They call: the Anime Crimes Division”

The first season only contained three episodes and starred Sungwon Cho as Joe Furuya and Riley Critchlow as Detective Diesel. The two of them paired together in Neo Otaku City to solve the mystery of several beheadings of plastic model figures. The series is stuffed with jokes about the anime industry and its fans. It’s a series that anime fans shouldn’t take too seriously as it will do its best to strike a nerve but that’s where Anime Crimes Division truly shines… especially with the depiction of the Subs vs Dubs gang warfare from the first season.

You can check out Anime Crimes Division and other great content on Rocket Jump’s YouTube page:

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