Ah, zombies. May we never tire of them. While there are countless zombie games coming out in the next few months with hyper-realistic graphics and gameplay, Zodiac Interactive is taking a different approach. The studio, which will soon release Tales of the Neon Sea, is making their foray into the zombie apocalypse genre with Big Day. The game is a top down ARPG shooter that will pit players against hordes of the undead. Naturally, it features their trademark pixel-art style. 

The story focuses on an individual looking for their lost daughter. A recent outbreak of zombies has taken hold, so it’s understandable that one may lose track of a family member or two amidst the chaos. The protagonist also hopes to uncover the source of this outbreak along the way. A big day, indeed. 

Big Day Gameplay

No release date as of yet, since Zodiac only just announced the game. However, the studio gives a window that the game will release sometime in the third quarter of 2018 on Steam. 

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