Blizzard announced that they will be making an appearance at this year’s E3 event! The timing of this announcement was a bit ominous after a ridiculous rumor popped up about World of Warcraft coming to Playstation 4 with keyboard and mouse support. Sadly, a rumor is just a rumor and Blizzard is simply hosting a panel at E3 to talk about how World of Warcraft has been shaped through their storytelling.

An official post on the Blizzard forums made the announcement:

World of Warcraft Storytelling: Bringing a Robust Universe to Life Through Different Mediums

  • Steve Danuser, Sr. Narrative Designer – Blizzard
  • Terran Gregory, Project Director – Blizzard
  • Christie Golden, Sr. Writer – Blizzard

Join members of the World of Warcraft team as they break down the tricks to bringing the World of Warcraft universe alive through story. From books, to video, to in-game storytelling, the rich narrative of WoW unfolds for fans across multiple forms of media as the team expands on the personalities that fans have come to care about. Whether you are for the Alliance, or for the Horde, stop by to get insight on the story that is still wowing people even after 14 years. 

Of course, I had to quote it in blue text because Blizzard reasons.

The panel is set to take place on Wednesday, June 13 at 11:30 am PDT / 2:30 pm EDT.

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