Why I Fear That NieR: Automata On The Xbox One Won’t Sell As Much

I really hope I’m completely wrong

Now, I know the headline may seem like click-bait, but that’s totally not my intention here. So, before you come all up in here, waiting to snap my neck. At least hear what I have to say and why I’ve said it. I mean, I’ve exclaimed my love for Nier: Automata, over and over, around here. It’s a game for the generations and I have nothing but the utmost respect and love for it.

Announced ahead of the official announcement, thanks to a glitch or user error on Square Enix’s part, we’ve known that NieR: Automata was finally coming to the Xbox One. This follows the original PlayStation 4 and PC (Steam) release of the same title. It also happens to be more than a year since the game first released during Q1 2017. It will cost you $50 and includes the only DLC available for the game and some in-game skins. Ok, that’s not too bad but I wish it was priced a bit lower.

A great game, no doubt. I loved it so much on the PS4, that I doubled down (actually, I picked up the Japanese and North America releases) and picked it up on the PC (Still waiting on that patch, Square Enix). I’ve played nearly all the routes, read numerous wiki’s and stories about the lore and appreciated for what it was. A love letter from Square Enix and Platinum Games. Then I shelved it. I haven’t returned to the title in quite some time. Sure, It was fun while it lasted, but that’s also the problem with the game. Outside of the glorious combat, the game is still an RPG at nature. One that has many wacky endings. And despite having multiple endings, most will give up after the first or second playthrough.

But that’s the main issue with the game. The fact that this is releasing a year and some months after the PS4 and PC versions, that’s a problem. The majority of people that wanted to play this game have already played it on either of the aforementioned platforms. Those that didn’t either didn’t want to play it or just didn’t want to play it on either of those platforms. That’s going to leave those who did want to play the game but only owned an Xbox One. How many are those are out there? Out of those, how many will be interested in this sort of game?

Will the power of the Xbox One X finally give us a proper port of NieR: Automata?

Mind you, I’m basing this on my other thoughts and from conversing with people who either upgraded their PC or went out and purchased a PlayStation 4 to play the title. That’s quite a few people that I’ve spoken, as I was actually trying my hardest to get people to play this game.

So how will a year-old title that’s finally getting a release on the Xbox One, fair? The depends. If this isn’t a buggy mess like the PS4 and PC version that manages to run at 60FPS at a proper resolution (neither the PS4/PS4 Pro or PC had a solid framerate) then it might be worth another try. Not to mention that the DLC that’s also being provided is simply amazing (assuming you’ve met the requirements to actually use the DLC). Lots of stuff to do and the coliseum battles are enjoyable. The game just needs to run well and with Square Enix’s track record with the game, I’m not going to hold my breath.

Yet again, don’t take this as hate for the game. Instead, I’m happy this is finally coming to the Xbox One. I just hope that it does well on the console, and hopefully sends a smoke signal to Square Enix. One that helps them greenlight yet another sequel in the NieR series. Especially since Yoko Taro, the director of NieR: Automata has already stated he would love to do another one.

So, you Xbox One owners, please pick up this game. It’s fun, lots of amazing combat, a compelling story and it has multiple endings. It can easily keep you occupied for weeks. Not only will you love it, but more sales equals a better chance for a follow-up.

Do it for Taro!

Yoko Tako NieR: Automata