It was announced that Kohei Horikoshi’s My Hero Academia (Boku no Hero Academia) manga series will be receiving a brand-new spinoff based around the girls of Class 1-A. The new spinoff will be titled Watashi no Hero Academia (My Heroine Academia). It is unclear at this time when the manga will debut and it it will be a series or a one-shot. The manga will be drawn by mangaka Akiyama Youkou and not Kohei Horikoshi. This really shouldn’t come as a surprise since most spin-off mangas which serialize during the main manga’s serialization are often drawn by other artists or the mangaka’s assistants. Kohei Horikoshi will simply be supervising the story for the spin-off.

Outside of this announcement, no new details are known at this time.

For those who believe that Watashi means “I” in Japanese (which it does), Watashi is also used by females for the word “my” where Boku is used by males, hence the reason why it’s written that way in the title. If you didn’t know that, turn your attention to the sky for the shooting star with a rainbow tail! 100 points to you if you got the reference there.

Watashi no Hero Academia will be the third in series of spin-offs that the series has received thus far with the other two being SMASH and Vigilantes; the latter of which will be debuting soon here in the West via VIZ Media. 

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