E3 2018: Ubisoft Announces Trials Rising

Ubisoft’s Trials franchise, which depicts motocross racing, only taken to the extreme, is getting a sequel in the form of Trials Rising! The game only has a release window of February 2019 but it was announced that it will be launching on all consoles, including the Nintendo Switch as well as PC! 

The new game was boasted to have “more tracks than ever before” as well as a “Tandem Bike” mode which will encourage local co-op play. In the co-op play, two players will be controlling one bike as they attempt to navigate through the crazy courses that the series is known for. Of course, as seen in the trailer, some of the most painful-looking and goriest outcomes await those who fail!

Some of the tracks announced were the Eifel Tower in Paris, France as well as Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The track editor makes its return and is promised to be bigger than ever.

Here is the announcement trailer for Trials Rising:

If you are interested in trying Trials Rising, you can sign up for beta and hope you’re selected to participate. The beta is scheduled for late 2018.


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