Successors for John Lasseter at Disney and Pixar Announced

Following a string of allegations, John Lasseter announced that he would step down as chief creative officer at Disney and Pixar, and later leave the companies altogether. This news was upsetting for many, as Lasseter had served as chief creative officer since 2006. Prior to that, he was recognized as executive producer of many Disney and Pixar projects, and for directing Toy Story, Cars, A Bug’s Life and others. Lasseter will leave by the end of the year, and today news came of who would be replacing him. Not surprisingly, Disney has promoted experienced internal talent to fill these positions at the two studios. Jennifer Lee will step up as chief creative officer for Disney’s animation division, and Pete Docter will fill in at Pixar. 

Both have worked at the respective studios on several successful projects. Lee joined Disney Animation in 2011 and co-wrote Wreck-It Ralph, followed by her work writing and directing the massive success Frozen. Docter is a longtime employee of Pixar, joining the studio in 1990 and serving as supervising animator for Toy Story, and executive producer of Monsters University and Brave

Walt Disney Studios Chairman Alan Horn states:

Jennifer Lee and Pete Docter are two of the most gifted filmmakers and storytellers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. Each of them embodies the unique spirit, culture, and values of these renowned animation studios, and I couldn’t be more thrilled to have them to lead us into the future.