Several Rockstar Games Titles Are Headed To The Xbox One Next Week

With Microsoft’s Xbox One getting a huge push with backward compatible titles landing on the System. It seems that Rockstar Games has finally gotten onboard with the initiative. As such they’ve announced that they’re bringing over several games to the Xbox One. Some of which have been games that fans have been asking about for quite some time.

You ready for this?


Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasMidnight Club: Los Angeles, and Rockstar Games Presents: Table Tennis, will be available on the platform as of June 7th, 2018. This includes those who own either the Xbox or Xbox 360 versions of the titles. However, the game saves from the original Xbox titles will be transferable. That is if you still have any of those saves handy. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Midnight Club will also benefit with a higher resolution, enhanced draw distances and will also get some Xbox achievements.

This is really exciting news, especially for fans of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Easily one of the best GTA titles, with some still debating if it’s the best game in the entire series.  Not to mention Midnight Club: Los Angeles, one of my favorite street racing games of all time. Heck, I’m still waiting for Rockstar to finally announce that they’ve been working on a sequel after all this time. I really can’t wait to dive back onto the streets of LA, that’s for sure.

A long time coming but we’re finally seeing these gems popping up on the Xbox One. Hopefully, these won’t be the only ones, as I’d love to see Max Payne 3 and Bully make an appearance on the Xbox One, as well as the PS4. That is after they finally release Red Dead Redemption 2.

Sure, the Xbox One might be lacking those first-party games that we desire, but this ain’t half bad.

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