E3 2018: SCUM Season 2 Coming to Early Access This Summer

Although there’s no exact date yet, Devolver Digital has said SCUM Season 2 will be coming to Early Access on PC very soon. According to the information on their trailer, we can expect that in August of this year, 2018.

SCUM is a multiplayer, open world survival game that ramps theatrics up to 11. The game is set in a world where convicts compete in a reality show that gets a little too real at times, leading to the gruesome deaths of its participants. You play as one of those convicts, trying to keep yourself alive both by fighting and building survival skills. Don’t worry, though: If you do happen to die, you’ll be revived by the show’s crew. As they say, the show must go on!

SCUM was first announced in August of 2016. At the time, the word was that the game would be released in 2017. Almost two years later, they feel confident enough to give a closer date for a PC-only Early Access, but still no word on a full release.

For more information, visit their website, here.

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