We at the Outerhaven have decided to report on MOST rumors circling the gaming community. As such, they will be tagged with the ‘RUMOR’ in the headline. If said rumor has come to pass, we will provide a followup article with a link to this article.

According to one video game journalist, Nintendo is looking to get a Microsoft representative into the Super Smash Bros. roster, with some extended support going into 2019.

In a thread posted a little over five hours ago on Sunday, Marcus Sellars posted the above tweet, with another stating that Nintendo would like to include more female characters to the point where it is a “nearly even split.”

Feasibly speaking, if Microsoft were to include any characters from their franchises, it boils down to Master Chief, Marcus or JD Fenix, Cortana or anyone on the Rare brand, such as the Battletoads, Conker, Joanna Dark, Banjo/Kazooie and possibly anyone from Killer Instinct (the latter being lowest on the feasibility scale, despite TJ Combo vs Little Mac being the ill dream match.)

However, the truth may be stranger than fantasy, so it’s important that we simply wait and see what happens in the coming days, with E3 2018 taking place beginning at the end of this week.

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