Rings’s Home Alarm System Is Finally Ready For Prime Time

I’m sure many of you have heard of Ring. The company that gave us the smart doorbell that lets us keep an eye on our front and back doors. Well, now they’re about to step into the home alarm system scene. Actually, they had planned do to so as early as last December 2017.

However, things didn’t work out as expected. However, they’ve announced today that they’re ready to go forward with their original plan. Ring is now taking pre-orders for their new system, starting at $199.

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Their new Ring Alarm system is perfect DIY people, like me. Everything provided in the kit requires no professional installation and from what I understand, can be set up in a matter of minutes.   In addition, this setup can be used without a professional monitoring service. However, if you do opt-in for one, Ring will provide their own for just $10 a month. Which is very cheap, especially compared to what I’m paying for now with my service. I just wish I knew who they were contracting this service through. 

The $199 kit includes the following items:

  • Base Station: Your home-security hub that connects the Alarm system to your wi-fi network and other smart home devices. Only included with the Alarm Security Kit. This also includes a 24-hour battery backup.
  • Keypad: Arms and disarms your Alarm system ($50 separately)
  • Contact Sensor: Lets you know when doors or windows open ($20 separately)
  • Motion Detector: Detects motion inside your home ($30 separately)
  • Range Extender: Extends the signal from your Base Station ($25 separately)
In addition to those, there are several other add-ons, such an alarm smoke & co listener, alarm flood & freeze sensors that will be available at a later date.  I’ve already priced out a system and it comes in at just over $300 dollars. However, that’s after added several contact sensors, another motion detector, and a smoke sensor. Compared to a similarly outfitted system, from Nest, it came out considerably cheaper.
I definitely see this as a cost-friendly alternative to other home alarm systems, something I’m sure will compel other homeowners to look into this system. Ring says they’ll start shipping out pre-orders as soon as July 2018. If you don’t want to pre-order, you’ll be able to pick up a system over at Amazon, BestBuy.com, and HomeDepot.com upon release. 
Ever since I installed a Ring doorbell for my home, I’ve enjoyed the heightened sense of security. Not only can I see when whenever anyone comes to my door, but greet those people. Even when I’m not home. I’ll definitely be picking up the Ring Alarm System and will be conducting a review on the setup process and service, when I do.
For more info on Ring’s home alarm system, click here.

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