Pocket Rumble Finally Set for Release on Nintendo Switch This Summer

Fans of the Neo Geo Pocket Color style fighting games have been waiting for Pocket Rumble to release on the Nintendo Switch since it was announced over a year ago. While the Steam version got quite a few updates, Cardboard Robot Games have largely stayed quiet in reference to the Switch port, which irked quite a few people. The developer has put an end to that, breaking their silence with an apology and a promise of a release window dated before the end of July via a Kickstarter Update that was posted on Monday:

Hey everyone! 

It’s been a really long time since we’ve been in touch and we want to apologize for that but things are finally moving forward! Below is a video update about the current state of affairs. 

The short version is that the Nintendo Switch port of Pocket Rumble is done and will be releasing sometime between now and the end of July! We’re currently still in the process of selecting an exact release date, and we’ll let you know as soon as we do. 

All backers will be receiving a key for a free Nintendo Switch copy in addition to the Steam copy you already have.We want to apologize for the long delays by offering you all something as a token of our gratitude for your patience and support, and the Switch port is what we’ve been hard at work on this whole time. To receive your Nintendo Switch key, forward a copy of your Kickstarter pledge confirmation to contact@chucklefish.org and specify the region you’ll need a key for.

And since the Switch port is done, we’re now moving all of our resources back to developing new content on Steam, so expect to see new bosses and updates soon!

It must be noted that the last update received from Cardboard Robot Games before this one was in February of 2017, before the Nintendo Switch released to the public. While I can’t say that I’m excited that the game is finally coming out, because the wait has been too long even for an indie title. However, the part that should worry players is the fact that it took one year for an update on a port that was promised over a year ago. Not good, Cardboard Robot Games, not good at all.


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