PlayStation Now Rumored To Implement A Download Feature

What do we know about Sony’s game streaming service PlayStation Now? It’ll have a feast on your bandwidth and is generally undesirable to most players. But that may very well change if recent rumors turn out to be true.

On the surface, PS Now seems like an awesome service. It features an ever-growing array of games from the PS2, PS3, and PS4. But those games require an absolutely stellar- if not immaculate connection to play without dropping frames. From PS Now’s inception fans have been hounding Sony for a download option but to no avail.

However, there is hope in the form of Reddit user satertek’s discovery. While playing Alpha Protocol they found a ‘Download Game’ option in the PS Now pause menu. While the button doesn’t do anything as of yet, this could bode well for the streaming capabilities of the PS4.


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A proper way to download these games would allow Sony to keep pace with Microsoft’s Game Pass for Xbox One, which allows players access to an immense library of current generation games for an annual fee. As of right now PS Now is nowhere close to matching what Game Pass has to offer, but this upgrade would dramatically change that.

The option to play games straight from the hard drive would also help the PS4’s complete lack of backward compatibility. Fans weren’t pleased at all when Sony announced backward compatibility wouldn’t be featured on their new console. If the company did decide to make those older games easier to play through PS Now it would do wonders for the service itself, as well as the company’s relationship with its fans.

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