Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings film trilogy is regarded as one of the greatest fantasy epics in cinema, so you’d think he’d play a part in the upcoming Amazon series set in Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, right?

Well – kind of.

During an interview with French outlet Allocine, Jackson was asked about his role in the Lord of the Rings Amazon series:

“I’m not involved at all in the Lord of the Rings series … I understand how my name could come up, but there is nothing happening with me on this project.”

It seems like an open and shut case, but an interview with Jackson from IGN’s German website revealed that he is involved – albeit only a little. During the interview, Peter Jackson said that, while he isn’t responsible for the entire project, he is working on “putting the creative team together” for the series.

So, while Jackson may not be heavily involved with the upcoming Amazon series, he is helping to assemble a team of people that will, hopefully, be faithful to Tolkien’s source material.

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series has been shaping up to be one of the most ambitious projects in recent history. The show was reported to cost around $1 billion and is rumored to focus on a young Aragorn. Adding Peter Jackson to the project would have been another hefty layer to this already cumbersome series, but it seems he’s taking a more hands-off approach to the show. Let’s just hope the creative team that actually is in charge will provide viewers with entertaining adventures in Middle-Earth.

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