LA and LA and Dallas vs. New York

With all of the excitement lately surrounding the end of regular season play and the season playoff implications therein the final Stage Playoffs seem like an afterthought.  Thing is this could be the most explosive stage finals of the season,  London is out and Dallas is in.  Another Battle for LA is happening.  New York might start actually playing again.  Today is going to be great.  


Los Angeles Gladiators vs. Los Angeles Valiant 

The action starts at 1 PM PST today with one of my favorite rivalries in the league.  The Battle for Los Angeles has never been more important than it is today with both prize money and a shot at becoming the last stage champion.  Between all four teams these two are the closest in skill and every time they meet the fight is intense.  Additionally, both teams will be playing in front of a home crowd so expect the noise inside the arena to rival that of a Seahawks game.  

Oh yeah, and the Gladiators also called out Boston when they picked their opponent, so lets hope that they meet at sometime in the playoffs.


New York Excelsior vs. Dallas Fuel

The second match of the day has the most upset potential.  The 3 PM fight will pit the top of the league NYXL against the out-of-playoffs Dallas.  If you had told me in stage three that this match up would be happening on a playoff Sunday I would have laughed at you.  As it is, the Fuel are looking better than ever now.  They have perhaps the best grasp of the current meta and started the stage with the most Brigitte play in the league.  New York on the other hand has been sandbagging like none other.  It’s time for them to start playing again.  


The Final (predictions) 

A NYXL-Valiant final seems the most likely and while I know I was wrong before I think this is a situation where New York could lose.  The Valiant are executing on a high level in this meta and nearly went undefeated this stage.  They even had a win over the NYXL this stage.  New York of course hasn’t been playing to their potential lately but even their A-game will be put to the test today as they look for their third stage win  Additionally, this match could be a preview of the Grand Final in New York since both teams are on top of their respective divisions.  

Even if NYXL meets expectations and takes the match this game, or whoever makes it to the final, is going to be amazing.  You won’t want to sleep on the last Stage Final of the season.  The action starts on twitch at 1 PM PST.  

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