Overwatch League Playoff Teams Rundown

These are Your Six Playoff Teams

Now that the dust has settled from yesterdays matches the playoff teams have all been determined.  The two division leaders are joined by the next top four teams across both divisions.  Final seating and match-ups are pending the results of today’s matches, but here’s a rundown of all six teams that’ll be in the playoffs in July.  


Division Leaders

The Division leaders are the teams with the best record in their division (Pacific or Atlantic) at the end of the regular season.  In addition to at trip to the playoffs these teams will have a first round bye in that competition.  

NYXL (34-6)

No one who has been following the league is surprised to see New York at this position.  Long recognized as the best team in the league the NYXL made it official after their defeat of Seoul last month.  That win earned them the best season record and a locked in spot at the top of their division.  With this knowledge NYXL has since been playing differently.  Possibly in anticipation of playing on a new patch for the finals, possibly just sandbagging.  Whatever New York comes out to play the rest of the league had better be ready.  

Los Angeles Valiant (27-13)

The Valiant haven’t always had the greatest story lines or been at the center of attention that often but they have done something far more important.  They’ve been consistent.  The Valiant finally made waves this stage with a 9-1 stage record. They, like their Atlantic Division counterpart, also secured their Division with a victory over the Dynasty taking away the Division leader crown they’d worn for so long.  After NYXL the Valiant have the best chance of taking it all.  



These four teams have all fought hard across the four stages to claim one of these coveted spots.  Though match ups are pending final season placements, all of these teams are going to the finals.  


Boston Uprising (25-14)

This team had some of the best story lines in the whole inaugural season.  The only team with a perfect stage.  The team went undefeated in Stage 3 with their perfect execution of Dive comp, then faceplanted into the ground in the latest meta.  While they’ve shown signs of life recently with a win over NYXL, they NEED to figure out the meta and fast.  Otherwise they won’t be going deep into the playoffs.  

Los Angeles Gladiators (25-15)

Sitting at the top of the stage table thanks to map differential the Gladiators have been just a step behind the Valiant all season.  Like the Valiant they have consistency in their play and have shown they can beat the best in the league.  Star DPS Surefour has also looked amazing this stage and the team around him know who to play this meta.  They have a real shot at the grand final.   

London Spitfire (24-15)

The Stage One champions have had more than a little trouble with the new meta.  Their place on the stage table, 8th, doesn’t bode well for them but they have had some important wins they show that they can play against teams that know the meta.  London’s performance is probably going to come down to how well they can use the time between now and the end of July to prepare for the playoffs.  Their Stage One win over New York was no accident and with the right work (and bracket) they could go far.  

Philadelphia Fusion (23-16)

One of the most inconsistent teams in the league since Stage One and it looks like that won’t change in Stage Four.  This team has all the pieces they need in this meta, including two outstanding tanks in Fragi and SADO.  They came crashing in week one of Stage Four but now only barely found this playoff spot over Houston.  They’re stage standing, 6th with 5-4, might be an insight into how they do in the playoffs.  


Playoffs will run from July 11th to the 21st and be held at the Blizzard Arena in Los Angeles.  The Grand Final will take place at the Barclays center in New York on July 27th and 28th.  

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