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Outerhaven Overwatch League Weekly, Stage 4, Week 5

All Good Things Must Come to an End…

It’s here.  The final week of regular season play.  For some players and teams this is the last time that we will see them on stage at the Blizzard Arena this season.  For others bigger challenges and glory await them in the playoffs, all-star game, and the world cup.  It’s a bit sad that we’ve reached the end of the season yes, but what a season it was.  And hey, there’s still one last week of matches waiting for us.  



Overwatch League Has Over One Million Followers on Twitch

Though they technically already reached this number some time ago if you combine the numbers from their other broadcast channels, overwatchleague_fr, overwatchleague_zh, and overwatchleague_kr, The primary English broadcast channel OverwatchLeague now has over One Million followers.  This milestone represents another achievement by the league and hopefully will be another reason for people to invest in the league.  At time of writing the English broadcast channel has 1,038,812 followers.  Not too shabby for the first season.  


The Stats Tab is Working

The Stats tab on the Overwatch League page has long been grayed out.  No longer! Player stats for all heroes are now available along with the option to filter by players.  The stats are pretty interesting and even a casual fan can learn something from them.  


VOD of the Week

Los Angeles Gladiators (23-15) vs. NYXL (33-5)

Anytime the NYXL get an L is a time that match needs a re-watch.  The Gladiators become the second LA team this stage to beat New York and they do so at an important time.  The purple and white are in contention for not only the stage playoffs (ranked 2) but the season (ranked 5).  We’ve discussed the NYXL’s possible mindset after their loss to the Valiant, so it’s also interesting to compare this match to that one. 


Series of the Week

Houston Outlaws (21-17) vs. NYXL (33-5)

I had to think this one over a lot.  After all, it’s the last week and there are plenty of important of games to be watching.  While some playoff spots have been secured many are still up for grabs.  With this in mind I want to highlight a match that is both important to playoffs, and exciting.  New York has two losses in this stage already.  Their minds are firmly focused on the playoffs and becoming the inaugural season champions.  Houston on the other hand have everything to play for this week.  If there was ever a time that the Outlaws needed to and could clutch it out, this is it.