Omensight Update 1.02 Is Now Live

Omensight, an interesting hack & slash title with detective elements, has received an update today. 

Update 1.02, addresses several issues that we called out in our review but also introduces WASD controls for keyboard users. It’s nice to see that Spearhead Games hasn’t wasted any time and is addressing the issues/bugs that have been found since the game was released. 

Full update notes can be found below.


  • Many localization fixes for all languages!
  • Fixed cases of infinite loading screens Fixed Completionist trophy (automatically awarded on title screen if you should already have it)
  • WASD controls are now an option for keyboard users! Enable them in Settings->Controls->Preset 3
  • Language override selection UI added (defaults to Steam culture, then OS culture)


  • Fixed a bunch of minor collision and cinematic issues!
  • Phantom Grasp targeting could sometimes misfire
  • Lethal Flurry could sometimes not kill as many enemies as it should
  • Phantom Blast could be triggered accidentally
  • Dodging to cancel a Phantom Blast wouldn’t refund your energy
  • Rodentians performing a tandem attack weren’t showing their invulnerable feedback
  • Using Yarbog’s Fire after Draga has killed -REDACTED- could get you stuck
  • Ludomir won’t help you open a particular door in the Imperial Prison
  • Companions would very rarely fall behind while making a coop jump
  • Fixed a chest that would never pay out
  • Some textures were visibly being streamed in If a voice line interrupted another voice line, sometimes the subtitle wouldn’t display properly
  • Some decal materials would display as solid colors
  • Fixed a rare UI input issue in some tutorial popups Unknown Memories are now color-coded

Omensight is currently available on the PlayStation 4 and PC. While you’re here, why not check out our review of Omensight, here. We found it enjoyable, with a few rough edges. 

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