There are many things in the gaming world today that should be frowned upon. One of them is the excessive use of microtransactions and Loot Boxes. And another is that many games are rarely “complete” when they release to the world, as DLC and “updates” help bring more content into the title. However, with the upcoming Octopath Traveler from Square Enix, that won’t be the case, as the RPG is confirmed to NOT have any DLC coming for it, planned for it, or anything of the kind.

This piece of information was brought up in an interview, in which producer Masashi Takahashi told Dengeki Online, “the product version is the finished product.”

How noble, wanting to release a game in its entirety without fear of having to buy more to get the full story. Which is something Square Enix has happily done in the past, but with Octopath Traveler, that doesn’t seem to be the desire. But why not?

Well, the main reason may be structure. Unlike games like Final Fantasy XV, there are eight different protagonists, and each of them have a unique story all their own that also intertwine in some ways. Thus, to add DLC to something like that would likely be very difficult, not to mention it would be something that would “ruin” the appeal of the game.

Octopath Traveler arrives exclusively on Nintendo Switch on July 13th. And if you want to learn more about the game, check out why the recent demos have me excited for it!

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