Super Smash Bros is without a doubt one of the greatest gaming franchises ever (and no, I’m not saying that as a Nintendo fanboy, I’m a gaming historian too). And one of the reasons is that it brings together some of the greatest video game franchises together to battle it out in dream matches. However, like any fighting game series, there are snubs and omissions, and it’s impossible to please everyone. Take Super Smash Bros Ultimate for example. The game made many happy with the addition of Ridley…and many sad with the snub of Waluigi.

It might seem odd that Waluigi is the character that many are angry about (especially when there are more DESERVING characters like Isaac from Golden Sun, Midna from Twilight Princess, Knuckles, etc.), and yet, there they are. They even have it in their minds that Nintendo is intentionally “snubbing” this fanbase by showing Waluigi as an Assist Trophy during the E3 reveal.

Vice interviewed Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime about the “snubbing” of Waluigi in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, and he had this to say:

“[With faux exhaustion] You would think that would be enough to satisfy the fans. But noooooo! The fans have to focus in on one character that that isn’t part of the series and to demand their inclusion.

So, one of the good things about the way we approach E3 is when it’s all said and done we step back. We look at all of the feedback and share with the devs and certainly Mr. Sakurai will be aware of the groundswell of support that appeared for a Waluigi. And in the end it’s his decision to make. “

To be clear, the only reason this got traction as a thing was because of Twitter and a certain fanbase demanding Waluigi’s inclusion. If Ridley hadn’t had been shown off, you can bet it would’ve been Ridley over Waluigi.

Personally, I hope that Waluigi doesn’t get into the game, he doesn’t deserve the spot over other Nintendo characters that should be in Smash.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate arrives on Nintendo Switch on December 7th.

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