Lauren S. Hissrich promised to be transparent with us almost as soon as she signed on to write Netflix’s take on The Witcher, and has since fulfilled that promise from the moment she made it.

We were told the day the writers’ room opened back in May, and the latest update on the highly anticipated show is sure to get fans excited and antsy for what’s next. Just days ago Hissrich announced casting for the show has begun, thus stirring up all sorts of emotions inside me, as well as fans worldwide.

The lead writer took to Twitter to tell fans about the progress, said the following across multiple tweets:

“It’s Friday night in LA, and it’s been a seriously great week here at #Witcher. So. Let’s talk casting. Yes, I said the magic word! Casting is starting soon, and no, I can’t tell you who our top picks are so don’t ask. But. There is something very important you need to know. 

Normally, when casting a show, the casting director pulls character-specific scenes from the pilot script for actors’ auditions. However, because we’re casting internationally (which means lots of emails and self-tapes) and because we know by now the internet keeps no secrets the writing staff has instead created entirely new scenes for our main characters. These are written to illustrate the precise tone, vibe, depth, and emotional resonance we need from Geralt and friends… but voila! They are spoiler-free, for us and for you. Which means  if you start seeing Witcher scenes floating around the internet in the coming weeks — yes, they’re probably real! But no, they won’t give anything away as to the stories we’re telling, or the ways we’re telling them. You’re safe. For now.

And hells yes, his name is Jaskier.”

The fact that we’re one step closer to seeing Geralt of Rivia come to life on the small screen has fans abuzz. The steps the writers are taking to ensure a lack of spoilers for the project really puts the level of love and care they’re crafting The Witcher with on full display. The fact that they would go through the effort to craft independent scenes rather than use a script they’ve previously written honestly impresses and excites me even further as I consider how clearly capable the talent on the show is proving to be.

The prospect of international casting is also intriguing as there’s plenty of talent outside of LA to seek out for the fantasy series. Paired with Hissrich’s tight-lipped nature on their top prospects, this all bundles together into one big hype engine, which of course will only keep churning as time goes on.

Fans of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels can rest at ease as Hissrich has been steadfast in staying true to the series’ roots, even going so far as dubbing the bard Dandelion his original Polish name Jaskier.

As Hissrich continues to release tidbits of information on Netflix’s The Witcher our excitement will only grow. The announcement of the beginning of casting is another phenomenal step though and makes me eagerly consider the countless possibilities the talented writers’ room has in store for us.

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