Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia Issue 2 Review

Title: Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia Issue #2
Author: Ed Kuehnel/Matt Entin (Story), Dan Schkade (Art), Marissa Louise (Color)
Publisher: Suspicious Behavior Productions, LLC
Language: English
Format: Digital
Pages: 15
Genre: Sci-Fi, Wrestling
Publication Date: May 19, 2018

The Story

The second issue of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia showed the invasion of the aliens after they received the transmission of Rory’s promo where he declared he was the Champion of the Galaxy! Manifest Destiny brought “billions” of combatants who are terrorizing the planet.

When news of this breaks, Don (who is seen with his new Spanish girlfriend) sees what’s happening on television and immediately goes out to search for Rory but it’s too late. A few of the aliens found him and after a scuffle in a local cantina, they drag him off for his fated encounter with Manifest Destiny.

The issue was short, sweet, and hilarious at the same time. Of course, when you’re an alien and you’re also a wrestler, you don’t conquer a planet with advanced technology… no. You encase the Earth inside of a giant steel cage and begin to body splash and German suplex members of the secret service! A lot of the events that take place are just absolutely absurd… and that’s the best thing about this comic. To use a pun, the humor is out of this world but at the same time, it still maintains a sense of reality of how some wrestlers live their day-to-day lives.


We received a couple of pages that gave us some backstory to Rory Landell’s beginnings. We got to see what his father was like and how he was kind of inspired to become a pro-wrestler. Nothing too deep or meaningful but it really showed some of the downsides of being a wrestler and how it can have an impact on a family.

Manifest Destiny can cut one hell of a promo, though! The promo was old school as all hell and every word of it was more glorious than a Bobby Roode entrance. This entire war is all over one intergalactic wrestler’s bruised ego and as absurd as an interstellar wrestling war sounds, you have to admit that the reasoning behind it is classic wrestling storytelling 101. Just from his promo, you get a good sense of who Manifest Destiny is as a character and why he’s such a big deal. He already has that “last boss” vibe to him which will make for one hell of a main event when the time comes for the showdown between him and Rory.

I love how Mini Macho just appeared out of nowhere and got picked up by Don to go find Rory.

Final Thoughts

I had so much fun with the second issue of Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia. Just the thought of billions of alien wrestlers roaming the globe and diving off of monuments and suplexing random people of authority is just crazy, fun, and entertaining. This comic definitely captures the pure essence of the golden days of professional wrestling and turns it on its head in the most entertaining way possible. Whether you’re a wrestling fan or not, this is, hands down, one comic that you definitely need to check out!

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