Too good to be true, but please be true

Ok, now this is a huge claim. While I admit that the Xbox One X is a powerful console, I never thought it could pull off 4K @60FPS. But that’s exactly what The Coalition is claiming they’ll be able to pull on the Xbox One X with Gears 5.

Think about that for a second. Up until now, every game that ran at 4K on the Xbox One X has only been able to hit 30FPS. Yet, it seems that The Coalition has been able to tap into some sort of magic to make what has been impossible up until now, possible. 

Of course, this is all talk at the moment and only The Coalition has seen the game in action. That is unless what we saw at E3 2018 was running on the Xbox One X and was in 4K. For the moment, no one is saying anything. Now, I wouldn’t put it past the team. Not after what we saw from Gears of War 4. Which was locked at 4K@30FPS with a dynamic resolution that barely dropped out of 4K It looks stunning on both the Xbox One X and PC.  If they’re taking what they learned from that and applying it to Gears 5, then we’re all in for a treat.

Gears 5 in action

While we’re talking about the game, did you notice that I’m calling it Gears 5 instead of Gears of War 5? Well, there’s a good reason for that actually. Rod Fergusson, Head of The Coalition, has gone on record that the game will be known as Gears 5. They want the name to reflect what’s going on in the game. While in the past, there as a huge war being waged but that’s water under the bridge… for now.

Of course, it could also be to avoid confusion with another that shares the same shortened name; God of War (2018). Which is also known as God of War 5. I could see how that would be a problem.

Hopefully,y the game makes its 2019 release window and doesn’t slip into 2020. 

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