A little over a year ago, Bethesda launched a community collectible card game (CCG) based off of their Elder Scrolls franchise called Elder Scrolls: Legends. Up until now, Dire Wolf Digital had been in charge of developing the card game; however, Bethesda announced that they are transitioning the game to Sparkypants Studios (the studio behind Dropzone). 

In a statement issued to IGN, Pete Hines had this to say about Elder Scrolls: Legends:

“I think the overall game design and mechanics are solid, and that’s not changing. When players get their hands on the new version it will still play like the game they know and love. Their collections will be intact, the in-game store will offer the same items, the keywords and mechanics will all still be there.” 

The change is being made because Hines feels that there is a lot of untapped potential with the game and not because Dire Wolf did anything wrong with the I.P. They wanted to switch to Sparkypants Studios because they will have a singular focus on the game which would help aid in the improvement of its quality. 

Bethesda intends to have more information about the new direction and the future of Elder Scrolls: Legends at this year’s E3 event on Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 pm PDT / 9:30 pm EDT.

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