If I were to tell you that there’s a game in which you play as the President of the United States and fight mech battles across America, what country would you imagine would have such a game? The U.S? Good guess, but no. Second guess? Japan? Correct! I did mention mechs after all. The good news is that said game does exist. It’s called Metal Wolf Chaos. But for some inexplicable reason, FromSoftware decided not to release it outside of Japan despite its success (and full voice acting in English). 

Luckily, Metal Wolf Chaos will soon make the journey across the Pacific that it always craved. During Devolver Digital’s panel at E3, FromSoftware announced a remaster for the game. Titled Metal Wolf Chaos XD, the remaster will reach more systems as well. The 2004 original released for Xbox alone. Not only will the remaster release outside of Japan, but it will debut on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. 

During the conference, Devolver Digital also showed off a teaser trailer. It showcases the updated graphics, while keeping the over-the-top voice acting from the original release.  

Check out more information on the game’s official website, originally titled Mech America Great Again. It’s a decent pun, but perhaps too on the nose for a game about wacky U.S. politicians fighting across a divided America. 

Devolver Digital has yet to announce a specific release date. However, everyone can plan to become the president in their very own mech later this year. Liberty and justice for all, indeed.

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Andrew Agress

Andrew comes from the majestic land of New Jersey (the part that doesn't smell). A big fan of sketch comedy, he writes and performs it whenever possible. He gets his powers from listening to indie folk music and drinking aloe water.