E3 2018: DOOM Eternal Announced and That’s All We Know

We’re right amidst of the Bethesda E3 2018 conference, and of course, they showed off a new DOOM game. DOOM Eternal is what the next chapter is called, which is a new game and not a DLC for the DOOM 2016 release. 

As rumored, this appears to be modeled after DOOM II: Hell on Earth. As the camera zoomed in, we’re greeted with footage of earth under siege by several familiar DOOM enemies. Looks exciting for sure. But where’s the rest of the info for the game? Well, considering that this is E3 2018, you would expect it to be shown off here. Right? Well, that’s not happening. Instead, we’ll have to wait until QuakeCon 2018, which takes place during August 2018.

Can I say that I’m really tired of companies taking advantage of one gaming convention, only to hoard the information for another convention that is sponsored/connected by the said company?  That’s exactly what Bethesda is doing and I can’t say that I agree with it. People came to E3 2018 and are watching their conference for the content. Not to be told to standby for another conference that they’re aligned with, later this year. Don’t take this as hate, just a bit of frustration.

Sigh, that said, I am looking for the game. I grew up with DOOM, I loved the 2016 reboot and even though I was disappointed with the cliffhanger ending. I can’t wait to see what DOOM Eternal is all about. Though I am a bit concerned about what the whole “Eternal” bit is all about. Is this Bethesda telling us that their next DOOM will be a GaaS / Game as a Service? We just have to wait until QuakeCon 2018, on August 10, for more information.

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