E3 2018: Bohemia Interactive Unveils Vigor During The Inside Xbox Show

Bohemia Interactive, you know them from their ARMA titles, has just shown off their upcoming title for the Xbox One; Vigor. Set in Scandinavia, Norway, the game takes place after the devastation of Europe due to a nuclear bomb explosion. You play as a nameless character, that you’ll be able to customize. The goal of the game? To survive, to the purest extent.

While at first glance, the game looks like yet another battle royale game. However, Bohemia reassures us that it is not. Instead, you’ll gather resources such as building materials, blueprints, ammo, and weapons as you attempt to upgrade not only your character but your base. Doing this helps you survive that much longer, as well as earning certain talents and abilities. But venturing out into the word is a daunting experience as there are other plays out there who are in the same position as you. Meaning the core of the game is PVP; Player vs Player. You’ll get into battles as you’re out in the world and savaging for materials. So far Bohemia states that there will be 12-players on the map at any time.

However, here’s where you have a choice and where the game differs from a battle royale game. You can choose to fight, or run away. Killing your adversary means that you gain their spoils while losing means you lose yours. Which can put you at a disadvantage? Or you can run and escape the battles as there will be several exit points on the map.

The game is powered by the Unreal Engine 4 and for now is exclusive to the Xbox One. There is a beta that you can sign up for as well over at www.vigorgame.com.

It does give off that PUBG vibe, especially with the look and the combat. But again, this is where the similarities stop as it is not a Battle Royale game. The developer isn’t speaking much about the concept and wants to keep as much under wraps as possible.

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