‘Days Gone’ Gets Release of February 2019

Bend Studios’ upcoming open-world zombie game Days Gone has been a key part of Sony’s major presentations since its reveal at E3 2016. Story trailers and gameplay have already been shared, it’s simply been a question of when the game is going to release. In a string of pre-E3 news related to the game, an official trailer announces its release date: February 22

Here’s the trailer:

The trailer teases more about the relationship between human biker factions in the post-apocalyptic setting. According the the official PlayStation Blog, one enemy group called R.I.P. worships the “freakers”, which is what zombies are called in this universe. In addition, the trailer also confirms the existence of infected animals. 

Sony Bend has promised that there will be more Days Gone at E3 next week. It’s interesting that they’ve chosen to share the official release date ahead of E3, but perhaps Sony wants to keep their two upcoming zombie exclusives separate. The Last of Us Part II has already been confirmed to be featured at Sony’s showcase next week, and it’s possible they did not want it to overshadow Bend Studio’s game. Still, confirmation of an early 2019 release for Days Gone is certainly enough to tide fans over for now. 

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