It’s been a week since Nintendo gave us their digital press conference at E3 2018, and many are still deciphering their feelings on it. There were some good things, some odd things, and then, there was Daemon X Machina. This was the game that actually started out the press conference, but then after its reveal trailer (see below), there was nothing said on it. Thankfully, after the conference through interviews and a Treehouse session, we have learned more about the game.

For example, this is a full-on mech combat game, you will be able to customize everything about your mech, and it’s being made by numerous industry veterans, including people from Armored Core, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy and more. Despite the lack of details via the trailer, many are excited for what Daemon X Machina can be, mainly because of its style.

In an interview with Polygon, Kenichiro Tsukuda, the producer of the game noted that he wanted the title’s visuals to really stand out and be more than “the norm”.

“Games these days have a lot of the same color palette, and I just personally wasn’t very happy with it. The colors that you see are chosen specifically for each of the orders and missions that you go on, based on how we want you to feel when you’re playing.”

That’s actually pretty cool, but Tsukuda didn’t stop there, he wanted to make the game special for its music as well, and for him, that meant making a “jam session” in battle.

“Shooting a gun sounds like a drum and there’s a laser blade that actually uses the sound of a guitar. So when you’re playing with a group of Arsenals, I was hoping to create a game that kind of felt like you were like having a jam session.”

There’s still a lot of mystery around Daemon X Machina, but it is coming to Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019.

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