Blizzard Entertainment currently has a job listing for a dungeon artist for an unannounced Diablo project. This, of course, began rumors of a possible expansion pack, a possibility of Diablo IV or even a Diablo mobile game which was rumored to be one of the announcements at last year’s Blizzcon event.

You can view the job listing here:

Of course, nothing is confirmed at this point and everything is pure speculation. The only thing confirmed is that the position will be working on something new. Blizzard hasn’t really done anything with Diablo III for quite some time. Blizzard fans were highly disappointed upon learning that the Diablo I throwback dungeon was for a limited time and even the addition of a Necromancer class only sated fans’ appetites for a short period.

Blizzard used to do something unique for each and every seasonal ladder reset; however, they haven’t done much of anything outside of rotating which gear set you get for free with recent seasons. A unique portrait and banner just isn’t enough incentive to bring people back to a game that feels completely stale. Diablo III didn’t even get any recognition at Blizzcon outside of an art panel that seemed loosely thrown together and poorly executed. 

Blizzard did announce that they will be at this year’s E3; however, the only thing they announced was a panel where they will be talking about building World of Warcraft through story. Maybe they have something else up their sleeve?

Still, one little job opening can cause quite a stir! Keep the speculation coming and let’s hope we get something good announced by year’s end!

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