Bioware’s Anthem Will Be Released On Feb. 22nd For Consoles And PC

During EA Play 2018, EA saved the best for last. Not only did they show off a bit of new gameplay but we also got the release date as well.  Anthem will, at least for now, release on February 22nd, 2019. This release date is for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Hopefully, this won’t get delayed.

So outside of the release date, what else do we know? According to EA, there will be no loot boxes, similar to Battlefield V’s lack of them. Thee will still be cosmetic DLC, but zero play to win.  Players will be able to change up aspects of their suit that are chosen for missions. Armaments, color, and more. In addition, Bioware did claim that Anthem will have something for both those of the single-player experience (story) as well as those who enjoy multiplayer games. For those looking for some sexy time like we had in Mass Effect, there will be none of this here. Lastly, while your character can speak, you don’t control it, nor do you have any decisions to choice from either.

Speaking of the story, it does seem familiar to another game, Destiny. Some mysterious culture basically up and left the world that Anthem takes place on. Leaving behind everything they used, with tons of tech just laying around. Then there’s this threat called the Dominion that wants to take those tools and use them for their own means. 

I’ve really excited for the game and will continue to watch the coverage of the title. It’s shaping up to be exactly what I’m looking forward too. Hopefully, we’ll see and hear more about the title during E3 2019.

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