Fresh off the issues that Sony has been having with the whole Fortnite crossplay issue, it seems that that game isn’t the only title that’s being affected. Now it looks like Fallout 76 is another title that has dreams of crossplay and Sony isn’t liking that idea.

As being reported by Bethesda’s game director Todd Howard, it seems that Sony is also why Fallout 76 will not have any crossplay support. In a recent interview with GameStar, Todd Howard went on record and stated that Sony simply isn’t as helpful as he’d like for them to be.

Bethesda’s Todd Howard

You can listen to the entire interview by heading over to GameStar.

As for Sony, this has been an ongoing issue with the company for some time, with respect to crossplay. Rocket League, Minecraft, Fortnite and now Fallout 76. All games that are attempting to unite gamers across multiple platforms, something that needs to happen if games are to evolve. Gamers having an option to play with their others with the platform of their choice while connecting with others is important. For Sony, they feel that this only weakens then brand and would rather keep the gates closed off to crossplay. At least when it comes to their competitors, while crossplay with the iOS, Android, and even the PC isn’t out of the question.

As a gamer, and someone who enjoys multiple systems, I play where I want to play. Of course, having access to play with others across different platforms doesn’t bother me at all. I could care less where Bob7212 is playing on. Just as long as I can play with him in a game, that’s all that matters. And that’s all that should matter. To me, crossplay could help the longevity of games and would expand the player pools exponentially. Both of which seem positive to me.

Hopefully, Sony wises up and gets onboard with the crossplay train. Because I doubt that the games I mentioned in this article are going to be the only ones that attempt to unite the platforms. And rightly so, they shouldn’t be. 

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