Attack on Titan’s third season sure is gaining a lot of mainstream acceptance as of late. Not only will the first episode premiere in U.S. theaters but it will now get a world premiere at this year’s Anime Expo! 

The anime is set to being airing in Japan on July 23; however, the first episode will be shown at Anime Expo on July 8! In addition, voice actors Yuuki Kaji and Bryce Papenbrook (who voice Eren Yaeger in the Japanese and English versions respectively) will be on hand to talk to fans about their experiences in voicing the character. 

The theatrical premiere of the first episode will be shown from July 10-11 in both U.S. and Candian theaters and will also feature a double-feature with Attack on Titan: The Roar of Awakening which will recap the second season of the television anime. The July 10th screening will be in Japanese with English subtitles while the July 11th screening will be in English dub. FUNimation is the company responsible for the theatrical screenings of the first episode. This is a pretty historic moment as the first and/or final episodes of a television anime will typically play in theaters in Japan if the series is popular enough. American culture has not embraced this concept until now so it will be interesting if something like this inspires other shows to experiment. 


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